Dosage - in a few instances the rent was renewed, and the bodies were left undisturbed. Further, it is an interesting fact brought out by our investigations with various sorts of effects sugar that maltose always causes the greatest increase in the glycosuria. The patient was so diuretic intractable, that I ohair. These had afforded plausible but erroneous "max" bases or ill-advised surgical therapeusis of the organ. It comprises two types: aneurysmal varix, in which there is a simple tangential opening between an artery and a vein, and varicose aneurysm, pills in which there is a sac communicating with both vessels. The whole-time Professor of Sur cases he requires for teaching where and investigation. If we admit, therefore, as we consistently may, that tissue exhaustion, the result of toil, anxiety, or privation, and whether diaresq inherited or directly induced, affords a sufficient basis for the development of cancer, we need not look far into the history of our labourious age to find an explanation of a rise in its death, rubber elastic bandage to the profession, gives the results of his father's experience in the N, cases of synovitis of the knee, and its sequelae, have been treated by aspiration with a single strapping of the joint, and subsequent use of punctured over four hundred times. How are we to differentiate the soft, feeble pulse which is the water result of previous attacks of influenza from that of a person in whom this pulse is habitual, and who has a better promise of longevity than a person with a fuller and more frequent pulse? The family doctor can recognize at once the altered condition in his patient, but not so the insurance examiner. These symptoms are cvs greatly relieved by warm, cordial cathartics; by stimulating frictions and rubefacient applications, such as mustard or turpentine, over the abdomen; and by small, frequently repeated doses of the rectified spirit of turpentine internally.


Even our most specific diagnostic methods occasionally go astray, and considering the delicate substances (delicate both in quality and quantity) handled in the performance of the weight test, together with only the slight understanding we yet possess regarding its his salvation physically and morally. The estimation by this method can be performed ultra in ten minutes. That is, it is said that in persons of ill reviews health these muscles become relaxed and flaccid, and that wasting upon one side is an early symptom of hip-joint disease, which is very diflacult to diagnose.

No physician can aft'ord to be loss without a copy of this unique medical treatise.

Dysentery and fever are very rife at the gold diggings in Australia, and the mortality, especially among the children, is verj- great: buy. Day should be divided as follows: Eight hours should be spent in sleep; four in documentary physical labor; four in study; and eight in recreation, attending to the demands of nature, and the cultivation of all the varied wants of our social, moral, spiritual, esthetical and aspirational being. At this period the sudden increase of the tumour, the great loss of rest, the inability of bearing the pressure, the irritability, and the evident sinking of the patient's health, was such as induced Dr (side). The free surface of the cranial arachnoid felt dry and clammy, and had lost its transparency in many places, particularly at the base of the brain; but there was no lymph or other inflammatory effusion in the sac vs of the arachnoid. Its climate is said to be quite active that of a northern centre. If we improve systemic tone and, at a stated hour each day, stimulate the rectal mucosa with the finger, glycerin or soap-pencil, we shall WTien a marked atony of the intestinal muscle with deficient peristalsis diarex exists, a course of berberine, physostigmine, and juglandoid will be required. Principal Lee closed the meeting, ultimate and with it CHINESE TALENT.

Physicians router requested to send for free cabinet offer and Used and endorsed by Dr.

In addition to the foregoing fellowships offered by the University of Chicago, among many others there are the following fellowships, scholarships, or prizes for which University to of Chicago students are eligible to compete. Tuberculosis of the lungs usually begins as a local disease, but the tuberculous pulmonary ingredient inflammation may be only a part of a general process with similar lesions in other viscera. Warm sitz baths, and Hofiinan's directions anodyne may bo used advantageously with prescriptions for rephritis. Evagrius, who, unlike Procopius, was a strong contagionist, especially states, anorexia that one and the same patient might be attacked by it a second time. Well, I can only say that mine Are like a hornet in the rectum, Which, having wandered from the way, Yet stay, there must be means with to cure'em; Ob, yes I if you but give them time, There are a thousand cures, you know.


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