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ectopic gestation, and postoperative adhesions occupying unenviable

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His more intimate friends miss his genial face, his old school

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au^ay their time. Some of them become endless readers and display

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and therefore the Juice of the Root is commonly put

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me to draft that bill. I feel, sir, that one of the greatest com-

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ple lips, or falls, has its three upright Leaves of a

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Liquid Juice, befides which, it provokes Urine, and

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thofe of the Ribwort Plantane. The Stalk is above a

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llimy, and the Seeds contained therein are like for

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Pink, but it is no fuch thing, for it is oftentimes

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as a general sedative, especially in those cases with pain, but had

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dens, and fuch like Ground for the purpofe ; and is

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fet about the edges with whitilh fmall long Hairs ^

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fully digefts, cleanfes, incarnates, dries and heals,

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but towards the tops or ends of the Branches; fome-

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The Secretary has had unavoidable delays in getting the Pro-

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banotis ferti/is Theophrafii : in Englijh , Lovage.

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nl ?l r ?!? a If 1 Sll ps °F Wallflowers, ot of any

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a cold and moift Caufe ^ and has indeed all the Vir*

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ished epileptic imbecile who manifests a number of stereotypies.

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would be impossible to make a diagnosis of poliomyelitis. It was nat-

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ritimus , Rumex Mari twins : in Eng/ijh , Sea Dock.

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many great Branches and Fibres adjoining to it : it

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as 1. Leucoium fimplex u fativum color urn diverfo-

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XXI * ‘ 9 \ Auricula Urfi colore Rofieo, The Rofe

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Roots altogether like the firji aforegoing , from which

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mer, but eu it were a long bulbous fcaly head, front

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hours, or after one or two injections have been given 30 to 60 minims

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could not judge it to be any of thefe dangerous and

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'watery Juice, which afterwards, as the Fruit grows


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