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JAMES C. HASSALL, M.D., Medical Supt. OWEN C. CLARK, M.D., Asst. Physician
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indicated and the conclusions to be drawn from them.
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An institution affiliated with the Chicago Tuberculosis Institute for the treat-
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On page 587, 14th line from top place unprotected before chM.
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1852, by the late Dr. Grayes. According to the latter obaerrer, it should not be
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as only seven complete sets of the transactions are now in the
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The boys tease him about his poor grades. They call
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tern” or gauge for general medical services, in spite
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I have been induced to give the rationale of beef- tea making, becanse
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A second point which is likely to be raised relates
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child, the child is in the very worst possible condition.
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NJ-44386. PREVIEWS, Inc., 49 E. 53rd St., New York 22.
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lege, St. Louis, 1898; aged 64; died, Nov. 24, 1933, in
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nary disease wdll be held in Saranac Lake, New' York,
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wife, and raise up seed unto his brother who was dead ; but
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male with a swelling about the size of a baseball involv-
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coverer, without recognizing in the remotest degree, the priority of New
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thoroughly up-to-date. It contains hundreds of new and
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Three new facilities were completed this year but were
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much in the habit of looking upon eruptive diseases as prone
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York, New York City, Section on Gastroenterology and Proctology.
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tMg trisilicate 3.5 gr.; Ca carbonate 2.0 gr.; Mg oxide 2.0 gr.;
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tion; for looking around towards the boundaries of its labors, interests,
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pain subsided, as it so often does in acute appendi-
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Dr. McEnery : First of all, I wish to thank the doc-
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Note: The variation of claim incidence per 1,000 members per annum in plans offering the same type of contract is generallj’
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labors of the good physician. Man should be studied — pa-
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thognomonic of this affection ; and finally, the pining away,
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with the administration of affairs in the settle- ie
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j pital and was relieved for a short period of time.
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his committee. They have done a marvelous job. They have given us full oppor-
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is his belief that with a surplus in the General Fund
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Urinalysis was not significant. On the second post-
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3. Description of a simplified technique in open re-
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pleasing bearing and personality — a patrician in
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once to apply a solution of the nitrate of silver to the mucous membrane
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radiologist he must avail himself of the opportunity
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ate or early operation such as acute or ruptured appen-
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obligation to follow up treatment of a patient when
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recently shown an active interest in diabetes detec-


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