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Dr. Claudius V. Calvin Bridgeport stated that the Committee of
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bability of getting out of order and its non liability to breakage.
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dysentery employed by Dr. Baillie in ague and pronounced by him to
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tliem in containing granules which stain only with neutral
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impress however and was never entirely lost to sight. Even
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died and on chemical examination we found lead in the foatuses. The
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Diseases of Women and Clinical Gynaecology in the Detroit Col
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In his own experience he had obtained most excellent
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Honors to Medical Men in France. According to the Brilish Medi
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and that they are separately concerned in sensation and motion.
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would take part. The paralysis of the thigh in those cases was
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special character with which it is important to be acquainted it does not
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respiratory movements are interfered with and dyspnoea soon results.
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the larger monographs and results of researches in the Hos
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nal a similar manuscript or any abstract thereof must not be or
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