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pseudobradycardia of neuropathic origin is a type. These three
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very liable to fits. In some the first stage is one rather of mental con-
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deposition of fibrin in the right cavities of the heart, and
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portion succeed in attaching themselves to red blood-cells and thereby
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the loin, the exploratory operation has come to stay. When,
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fractures. Rev. de cbir.. Par., 1885, v, 465; 723. Also, in
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peated, and so on, as far as the needle would reach from the
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points where their currents join to form the intralobular veins. If
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hip-joint. Dr. Dawson, of Ohio, showed some specimens of
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Venesection is an easy operation for a physician who has already
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which is a complete and elaborate exposition of the subject of which it treats. He
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a condition of the system induced by taking daily, for months
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Laneet, Aug. 6, 1859. j scribed. 6. It also stops decomposition,
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frequcnt doses and errors of technic. ture of iodine and immediatelv after an
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of life. The lesions generally remain limited to the glands first infected —
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cessive numbers of your Journal, everything worth answering which
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arginin solution of known strength. The determinations were
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children. Milk obtained from stores and from milk peddlers
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and forwarded by the State Department on the Alaska,
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during the febrile paroxysm, it is buffed; and decolorized coagula
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nents to the germ theory, wliilst evidently wavering
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diseases of the eyes from uepliritic oriain.] Medycyna,
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It is a neutral, malodorous oil, boiling at 108° C. with
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Dr. QuAix : 1 think we are hardly in a position at this
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siological and chemical workings of the parturient tract
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implication of the vestibular portion of the auditory trunk in disease, by
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The importance of a correct diagnosis is great, for upon it
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when it will lie considered an outrage on society for
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at headquarters, we have made here a total up to date of some
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cystic, and of a whitish- yellow, or reddish colour in these intermediate
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P.O0M, on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, at 12.30, p,m.
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P18 pipa eappofinyppum 21 pe on heopa 22 inpepbhcum 23
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the symptoms of peritoneal inflammation would infallibly have been
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ested in the diagnostic advantages that could be gained by such
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following: — Liquified carbolic acid 20m., dilute acetic acid, tinct.
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ratoniy. The kidneys pre.sented suggested foetal lob-
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little were they chemico-gelatinous; neither were they ether in-
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plate colony, which had probably been subjected to contamination


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