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the leuco phlegmatic and that with the scapulae having the appearance of

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and plain microscopes and even sphygmographs occasion

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alternation in the use of the limbs otherwise sciatica and lumbar pains will

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a very successful meeting of the craft at Scranton in September.

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docs not necessarily mean necrosis but it indicates great depression of

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of the district from which the animal was shipped and the third

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through the tubular excretory structure of the kidneys up to the

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semilunar valves as in the case of the auricular ventricular

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We have only to look back a century to realize the hold

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out in the previous article most of the figures published hitherto have

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and feeble heart sounds clear respirations. The right side was

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exaggerated peristalsis of the bowel. The abdomen may

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signs their mobility rapid growth and the tendency to varicocele on the

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genuine pregnancy. In from two to five months there is great

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Charcot believes that cases of this kind are entitled to be

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will not explain the existence of symptoms and numerous ailments

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the skin in large plaques at a distance from the tumor as

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For the removal of crusts antiseptic poultices may be applied but in all

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already received a Silver Medal from the Institute and being

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rected sinapisms to the abdomen and to the calves of the legs. No

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albuminuria. The suggestive reaction which frequently accom

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is as capable as the veterinarian of judging from beginning to end. This

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further development within the human host but in the abstracted blood

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ist plus a little smattering of practical medicine which he

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reader is sure to skip them and in the plainest possible words

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by superficial necrosis of more or les. of the bone with ex

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are available indicating the ratio to the average estimated


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