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urea and COo being in this way accounted for. Other ob

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the purulent collection can be accurately located in the

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at short intervals and attempt to keep it usually between and

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side in consequence of the pain and coughing and diflSculty of respiration

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the jelly. In similar manner the child becomes moulded by what may

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The right tube at the uterus is mm. in diameter. After

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of six months. The holding of these appointments is an

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literature upon this subject xe are convinced that the hitter point is

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likeness to a local anaphylactic reaction and is followed by a more or

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tric lights into the Army and Kavy General Hospital at Hot

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for convergence and accommodation. Most persons have a re

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the addition of an antiseptic through a syringe previously sterilized

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indigestion are important. The total amount of fluid is reduced it is

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of art the conformation and diminution of the floor

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Allison produced streptococcus septicemia in forty six rabbits with

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pious man was chosen a representative in and died in aged

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tineers reported that the Society had made choice of

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the latter by sickness. Dr. Burbank sent in his questions upon anatomy

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body. The general rise of temperature that is observed throughout

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importance is being given to feeblemindedness by communities

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disease articulation and mastication and locomotion are performed

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ently clean but a succeeding syringeful of pyrozone three per

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This endowment for the study of tuberculosis has been placed

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success achieved by an unprofessional lady doctor the

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according to the estimate so placed. The really valua

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definite and striking prolongation of the average duration of life.

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permanent success. One of the best diuretics is digitalis which acts

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pass from the illeocecal valve until four hours from the time of

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Lymphatic structures resembling the so called solitary

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Birmingham with other towns for the first ten years

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suggested this form of treatment. The once favorite Durande remedy

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There were no abnormal jihysical signs in connectiou with

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the most part a destructive tendency that suppuration was a great evil

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Dr. Darrach made extended remarks upon the subject entering


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