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fluid. The intestines were matted together with soft
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sixteenth of a grain or less, the frog falls crouched up, and
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In the primary stages of phthisis pulmonalis I have confidence in its curative
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all causes — deaths, discharges and retirements — was
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this food that we are to look for their origin, coupled with a
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fever. The state of nutrition has of course only a limited relation
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viously-acquired reputation, has led patients from all countries
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have been of a more or less desultory nature, and the results^ which
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too readily absorbed and too bulky when sufficiently thick to be
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The diet should consist of easily digested mixed foods-
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stant diet of 250 gm. dog biscuit and 600 e.c. of water mixed together and
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perusal of this book. It is written in a clear and pleasant style, and is a work we can recom-
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a faecal odor. He took many powerful purgatives, but none
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a diphtheria or scarlatina atmosphere are likely to suck in a
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established in the near future; in fact. Louisville capital
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and catarrh of the air- or intestinal-passages may be so
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When I was there, only one out of the many costly quartz-reef
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before administering the remedy, and the worm was ex-
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Dr. Fitz described the tumor as follows : The tumor is a medullary sarco-
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while their congener, the cat, follows his master all over the world,
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came under medical care November, 1847, three years after
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wants in some, if, indeed, not in all, of the departments of which they
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Such diseases may be the result of blows upon, or perhaps of the so-
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A small percentage of children will fail to respond
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is pain in the orbits and at the root of the nose. Coryza is severe. Epi-
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elected to the Fellowship under Section 6 of the Charter of 1S52.
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effects noted in many convalescents, such as neurasthenia, cardiac disturbances,
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Secondly, the virtues of Sarsaparilla are exceedingly volatile, and are soon impaired by age ;
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the canal or tympanum, and in removing sequestra, this will prove
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powerful to overcome the toxins which are being formed, the
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at every step making firm pressure. When the finger arrives at the suture, or
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croscope. Au iith ereclAic tissues, a» ut«^y have beeu uauitiu, as
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had in the favor of the medical profession. — Journ.
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Fig. 111.— A large tailed sphere and a slice of a smaller one, in a cell
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Case 8. — Epithelial Cancer involving nearly the whole of the
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I was called recently to see a woman of 77, who had a pulse
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fact, the result of shrinking of the tissues caused
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alcogels and glycogels of silicic acid — so may the
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tion of the quadriurate proceeds with sufficient speed
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higher. The fever may last for weeks ; the apyretic
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chial or pulmonary affections, and the mesenteric glands from like intes-
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scalp. There will then be single small, congested points here and
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reducing substance which is removed by fermentation is presumably


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