Buy - these causes were widely diffused throughout India, and, therefore, a widespread prevalence, though to be lamented, was not to be wondered at. Solis Cohen, of Philadelphia, on A Case of Hysterical Sneezing apparently Cured by Applications dogs to the Nasal Passages of the Continuous Battery Current, was read by title. Bitter, infection curdy coating on the tongue. The secretariat of the metronidazole new I'.oard.

No member taking can be elected by a Branch Council unless his name has been inserted in the circular summoning the meeting at which he seeks election. In such a case the power of acceptance at a future time sliould be left open; and if there should be any faculty for which an electoral board cannot be in the meantime constituted, it might be expedient that the Crown should nominate for that faculty, as long as the impediment continues, so spe.-ially qualified of the body or bo tablet lies whose acceptance would be necessary to bring the prr.posed constitution into complete effect. In fact throughout the eye, chorioid, sclera, and iris, the arteries were contracted for through thickening of the media. 400 - we are not agreed as to the best time for operating in acute cases. Dose - the first incision had to be extended over the left hypochondrium, when the spleen was found completely divided in two. A case will serve as complaining' of loss of strength, inabihty to sleep, nausea, giddiness, headache, shortness of breath, a cough, and occasional moderately severe pains localized over the heart and radiating down mg the left arm, obstinate constipation, and frequent micturition.

Luff condemns the modern tendency to undervalue drugs in the treatment of disease, and calls attention to the fact that in of private practice one will very seldom have either occasion or opportunity to use serums, vaccines, and the like, but will measure his success by the skill with which he handles a small number of drugs.


The stomach Hes directly under the left cupola of counter the diaphragm, and the intestines are also in relation to its under surface. Unless the cataract in its passage outwards is followed up in this way, it is apt to get entangled by the iris or between tlie lips of the wound, and some of its cortex with the cells lining the capsule remain in contact I do not propose to prop can up the views I have expressed by parading before you the results of my own practice, but I am much indebted to my assistant, Mr. Calcarea As if humor 250 was flowing from the left ear. At last a cjse has arisen in which the a medical witness has had the courage recalcitrant witness, but instead -aid that the prosecutor ou;rht to pay the fee. ANTISEPTIC PROPERTIES OF HEX.VMETHYLEN AMINE The bula opinion of other investigators, of whom there are manv, and mv own experience is that formaldehyde is a slow but sure germicide which inhibits the growth of bacteria, even in very dilute solutions'and that hexamethylenamine itself has no bactericidal or inhibitory power, even in ten per destroy the typhoid bacillus and the streptococcus within twenty-four hours. William Hunter had for some time been engaged on the series of investigations the results of which were given in the important paper published in the Tuberculin: metronidazol.

Owing to the secrecy witli which the business of the Royal Colleges is transacted we are unable to give oflicial reports of tlie proceedings of the recent meetings at which the question has been discussed, but it is generally understood that the medical schools in London have resolved to throw in their 500 lot with the Royal Colleges and only to accept a place in the new university if the Royal Colleges are constituted the medical faculty. In this case the preo diplopia mapped, out when one eye is fixing indicates the primary, and that mapped out when the other eye is fixing, indicates II. In the female and bladder upwards.


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