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there must be unison of action on the part of the at-

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ward T. Reichert, M.D., and Henry Sewell, M.D. ; William H.

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all of the observed facts concerning cell-proliferation. Essential features

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a rule this was not the case. The influence of syphilis seems to have

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the other end leaned against the ary-epiglottic ligament. This withdrawal

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organism should be identified and the opsonic index


of overdoses of nitroglycerin, thiodiglychochloride,

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gery and Demonstrator of Operative Surgery, New York

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in its outer walls, but also in the auricular and ven-

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Love, — In Washington, D. C, on Friday, July 22d, to

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in the wash water. The rationale of this diagnostic

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Henriette Selignian, who died recently in New York, in-

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end, so that the loss of power is not of peripheral origin.

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a remarkable tendency to bending and to absorption of inorganic mate-

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invaded, the disease being usually confined to this locality. The symp-

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point to call on his scarlet fever cases after all other

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eruption, which had commenced to fade, and upon the scrotum were three

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subaltern, "I will do it or die." Rejoined the com-

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( )f the ten per cent, from the anterior wall and cer-

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