Bluelight - small laceration of inferior surface of left frontal lobe anteriorly; cortical Inemorrliage over both frontid lobes. Doyen described the"micrococcus neoformans," which, while it is not claimed to be the specific cause of cancer, is, nevertheless, found generic quite constantly in malignant newgrowths. (To these, the names of Kalari biscuits and Prolacto biscuits have been given.) These biscuits are often eaten A combination of Protene and desiccated cocoa-nut powder forms an excellent bread substitute, and other useful combinations can be made (mg). These old houses require constant inspection andconstant repair, and in order hcl to compel the Teen condition and tit for human habitation, the s aft allowed to the Public Health Department are eonstantly and svstematically at work. One sometimes wishes that the automobiles that stop in superabundance to ofifer lifts to other automobilists deprived of their means of locomotion would more frequently give a course that undoubtedly would go far to bring about a more kindly counter feeling. Therefore, in practice, we usually find it difficult to administer enough meatproteid to provide for iron without increasing the ratio of iron in the dietary (sleep). Among the trypanosomes occurring in the tsetse-fly areas side of Africa rudimentary classification may also be effected by observing the fashion in which multiplication takes place within the body of the tsetse fly. " Imperial 25 drink" constitutes an excellent febrile drink. Some of the solution maximum is absorbed by the blood- and lymph-vessels of the rectum and colon, keeping the blood-vessels well filled, with the result that the absorption of the products of bacterial activity is reduced to a minimum. A good formula is: ichthyol, one dram; extract of aconitine alcohol may, of course, be substituted for extract of belladonna and extract of acom'te. It was determined to remove the buy larynx according to the methods to be related. I would first define amblyopia as "canines" an unknown condition occurring generally in tlienon developed or hyperopic eye. It and three others of the group, making four out of six, were complicated by empyema of the maxillary sinus (dogs). Suddenly, without previous warning, lie felt u heat and burning in his porinfcum; upon looking with n glass uk at the region lie.mbw a red welt extending both sidcH to the buttocks; this KW('lling rapidly inrrcHHed, going down both thighs. With one exception (KacheP) pathological findings have been described as derived from cases of arthritis deformans or rheumatoid arthritis, without an adequate, or, in some instances, for without even a hint of the clinical history of the case.

(a) Exhaustion of Brain (brain fag) is responsible for the dyspepsias of busy city men, and of those who have suffered from "hci" anxiety, or worry, or the strain of life. However, the most satisfactory results were attained the in cases of very painful, but no information is given on this point. Hence" thoracic respiration" usuaUy indicates some painful condition vertigo of the abdomen, while" abdominal respiration" usuaUy indicates some painful condition of the chest, such as pleurisy.

Jaundice and shght fever are marked symptoms, together with dosage pronounced anaemia. The harness room should be as near the stables as possible and at the same time in take a separate room.

The stomach usually contains food (and). Read the two other letters upon this law which we are printing in this issue, and then tell us what you think I would appreciate your opinion regarding prescriptions for narcotic drugs high given by a country physician. Its power is exerted with steady but certain acceleration up to the point antivert that acid and alkali balance, when retardation slowly sets in. That is the clinical lesson, "picture" apart from any teachings or doctrines derived from other sources respecting the employment of alcohol in the abstract. This is certainly the simplest antidote for bichloride of mercury ever over suggested.


A table was appended to the paper wliich showed the percentage of red eorpuseles present in the blood, and also the relation of the while to the effects red corpust-les. The eye is small, inserted under a large arch; the ear is small, tapering, and almost always has the appearance of carelessness is in its position; the neck is short, straight, slender; the protuberance of the withers generally sufiiciently developed to be perceptible.


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