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From the Author. — Elements of Medical Jurisprudence. By Theodoric
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Science," even to death, he has a right to do so. but
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long run to the satisfaction of both the patient and
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be at a temperature of 70 degrees F., and a little eau de Cologne
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Remedies which obviate mechanical impediments to the respiration; and
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limpid, and, in contradistinction to diabetic urine, of low specific
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Db. Wm. OsifB prefers the term "intestinal indigestion" to
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ulceration from their use, and also the great advantage arising from making
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measures may be instituted at the earliest possible mo-
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withstanding the assertion of counsel that none, under any
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Taberculous Region Through the Lymph Channels. O. Bet-
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of Philadelphia, against the estate of Christopher Magee, of
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about stimulation rather than irritation, or such mild irrita-
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parsnips ; but by referring to the works of Orfila and Christison on poisons,
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sanity, the court holds, can not be established by proof of the
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felt pain ; 1 month later found projection on back. Wore Sayres
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Whit,e's case was extensive, and was probably the result of some vice,
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caring for possible accidents during its absence? This
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(Texas). — On March 29 the colored physicians of Houston
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the Pharmacopeia yield products with characters w^ic)i li^-
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true smallpox. Of course, in speaking of smallpox we
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tion) ; 3, absence of sensory symptoms apart from the fatigue
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term may be used to include both — at least in public
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vessels, in a woman of about thirty-six, I opened the internal jugular vein.
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is a question in my mind whether they have the right to stig-
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when swallowed it excites nausea and vomiting, and may simulate suppu-
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of qualification, examinations, licenses to those found qualified,
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friends, an Incision was made In one groin and as the glands Im-
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the exciting cause unknown. There were no children. Sis
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drome; in alcoholism, on the other hand, enlargement is the
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worthy guide in deciding whether the individual is susceptible
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dangerous diseases may be sent into any township, city or vil-
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but depended upon Bryce's plan. Should I, however, procure even a por-
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tapping with the ends of the fingers on different parts of the chest. This
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68 Surgical Clinic. (Osteomyelitis, Lymphoma, Etc.) X. Senn.
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" 2. For a healthy looking female child, five years of age.
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be attempted by the Biochemic Division, nor that a speci-


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