Chloramphenicol Eye Ointment How To Use

Medicine, Newcastle upon Tyne; F. W. Page, St. Thomas's Hospital;

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must, I think, be given, for the child had always been

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Diseases Act ? I have recently had several cases of typhoid fever and

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sicians and surgeons are bound to give their patients their best judg-

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years' service, got leave of absence, but was recalled after two

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ence to the protective qualities of primary vaccination, to war-

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in the iliac fossa. The appendix was removed in July, ls92. It was very

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h;emorrhage, and evidently death was caused by shock.

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ment is incorrect ; for tlie trabeculfe of chondrifying connect-

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hours. In 19 cases, or more than lialf, the incubation period

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Bone. — Mr. Chavasse showed a man upon whom Lateral

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racter, and having a total area of half a square inch or more,

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that vaccination would secure a complete immunity from

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diagonal above referred to, so a fresh line parallel to that

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sidered no treatment so good as the use of the tampon. The

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is to be accepted as indicating a weakening of the conviction

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*from 23.S in Halifax, ^4.ti in Huddersfield, and 26 6 in Croydon, to 37.3 in

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dressed to the prisons authorities requiring information, and

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duce professional friends.— Thos. F. Raven, Honorary District Secretai-y,

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formed, very deficient in iron. These die out only slowly,

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1^ Queries, answers, and communications relating to subjects to V)hich

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vantages, but at the same time if great care is not taken many

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the case— to show once more that a serious proportion of the

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tap, which allows the escape of the accumulated carbonic gas

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tal Medical School : Dr. E. C. Stirling, formerly Assistant

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lOth. Within a few days of these parties a large number of

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required constant medical supervision and as a soothing

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in a tree and isolated condition. These different ' granules '

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demonstrated that the mischief arose from a cottage on the

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Mr. George Nuzcm (student, University of Michigan) writes, with refer-

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chloromycetin is an antibiotic with the formula

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drink, and that is, when weakness and loss of appetite show

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member for the remaining five years whieli would have filled


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