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4. Broncho or interstitial pneumojiia . In making a diag-

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symptoms of restlessness, a small quantity seems to induce sleep.

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§ 269, Morbid anatomy. Most writers report lesions of

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sufifered strangely little of the feeling of fatigue from his unexampled performance.

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remedy which Dr. West anticipates vvill " some day or other

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to gain their exemption from the require- "'•'=.. and have reduced the process of incin-

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of observations which have been reported assure us of this fact.

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which I have witnessed, and, in setting it forth here, I need

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of the cavity, and if there is any necrosed or carious bone.

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the maximum size of a pea, project somewhat above the sur-

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with the os tinea? of the lower and posterior womb in the natural position,

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thigh, was a large, tense, acutely painful swelling, and great con-

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shall be subjected to sulphurous acid fumes produced by burning an

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Demonstrated to the best cliniciaiJ«Vthe world over, its de-

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March ISth. — Has had no more fits; coughs every half-hour

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In a recent publication, Dawson, of the Florida Experi-

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make in order to bring this new plan of treatment fairly before the

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into the lumen of the intestine. On the site of Peyer's

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other regions where the cellular tissue is give such quick and satisfactory results.

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effort to expel the clots at the' menstrual period through the

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ific in my hands, in this very common and the circulation. Its process is complex, and

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capillaries, it facilitates its escape or allows of its easier flow through

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esting paper by Lieut.-Col. Ross King on tlie Aboriginal Tribes

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no destruction of the gluten or sugar, but all those elements are preserved which are

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pair of rather strong blunt-pointed scissors, he then seizes the sub-

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fectious disease. It is a recognized fact that there is much

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period, or by a slow convalescence. During this stage, usually within lo

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The muscles vary in color but usually they are darker

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First stage, before the use of cod- j Female, 129-26 .... 4*52

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J , * t™ * u .u ^• u T ,. u ence goes, the remote results of a septic

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douche room, fitted up with a Richter or Treatment : Baruch tonic baths, Scotch

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type except they are not so severe and are prolonged for a

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constitutional and nervous debQity has a much smaller, and

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which show that there are occasional!}' epizootics of a disease

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This volume of reports of the New York Hospitals contains


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