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tence are common and early symptoms. The old belief that recovery

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friend of Dr. Bush his capacities for the profession of his choice

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strain of war service and every one who has roughed it on

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lodged in the nostril his attention being first called

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distal part of the nerve. This is one of the signs of

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there has been observed a familial type of the disease in which the

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the whole course of the sympathetic nervous system.

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Legislature which lecture and other papers is afterwards published at

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Principle Investigator Chaplain Robert I. White Research Associate

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be accomplished. In Mitscherlich s process for the detection of

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perhaps quinine exerted any marked influence on pertussis

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erally discarded now though it died hard before surgeons

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ness which had been more or less severe all her married life but

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wild hogs and antelope make incursions into the plains below to avoid

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lated hernias in which the symptoms of collapse are ap

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stomach the flesh taken before meat loosens the belly.

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of the Medical Council to the unsatisfactory conditions under which

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quency of recurrence noticed after some of the recent

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I bring this theory to your notice in the hope that we can

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thereby producing the spasm keeping up the irritation and

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will be found intimately connected with the sac. M. Cruveilhier

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days with benefit to his acidosis and lipemia although his glycosuria persisted.

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date officials from one hospital reported seeing fewer

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face of the intestine partly in the subserous cellular tissue. In consequence of

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which had been forwarded to the treasurermet all theexpenses connected

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be to restore the healthy action of the skin to relieve conges

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veterinary practitioners in the department of Eure et Loir by whom cow

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January K the t gt atient is free frotn pain and foele generally

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inches and a half in diameter and about three fourths of an inch

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of the right side. The child was ten months old and

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filled with a dried secretion from their orifices Ijeing

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darkest corner was the festering mass of corruption the house

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immortal merit of Lister even although every detail of his treatment be

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the indications to be met in the treatment of hepatic colic is

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leukemia without increase in the number of leukocytes. The

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quently by neuritis of the anterior crural or its branches

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may be difficult to differentiate from the deformi

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inoculated. The proportion of cases occurring among inoculated and

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or three hours F.. When fever subsides or vomiting occurs the

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the fact that these diseases liave of late years been re

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At the last meeting of the Chelsea Guardians the fallowing motion

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was unable to obtain this test. The sediment consists of mucus

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more by way of their personal characteristics than through their careful

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report on the efforts of MSSNY and MLMIC to alleviate the


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