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in the lungs ; and in the heart it only found what was already

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Rev., N. Y., V. 23 (1), Apr., pp. 44-45. [W% W^, W^]

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centers usually precedes an acute attack. This spinal conges-

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eight miles in a single day, with her child on her back, two or three days

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appearances seen in the left superior oblique are not accepted as certainly

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fectious sick in hospital is important and necessary,"

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motions of the universe and gives stability to all things. So

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]\Ieynert long since drew attention to their frequent presence as

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dilatation and its cou'omitant symptoms (absent here).

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the affected parts undergo waste. Unless the space which was occupied

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so far as gout is concerned at least ; so much so that he refers

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Hankow and Canton have graduated twenty and forty-five respec-

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such cases will occur in the practice of any Surgeon who'

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and Quarterly Rpt. 3d Qtr (2 Oct 44) 1944, Enl Pers

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are distended with blood ; the sinuses and cerebrum are also unusu-

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of eases he thought the trans-peritoneal operation was the

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Wendell C. Phillips, chairman of the committee of ar-

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At the Convention at Waterbury, the Secretary was directed to pro-

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cornea it was washed out at once by the constantly es-

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superintendent of the Northern Ohio Lunatic Asylum, and remained in office

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remains unaltered by water. In the contrary case, it is necessary to com-

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vessels very vague. Of the branches of the Aorta, says

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Roosevelt Hospital, and who from his clearly related

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Elbow— dislocation, 426; fractures, straight splints,

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and inventions in radiology — as well as in dentistry,

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