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one of the first to note the absence of sensation in
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filtration, either on both sides or around the base
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tion calls forth, and man himself will be the one to
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Neurological examination : No atrophies or hypertrophies
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brittle from repeated applications of hydrogen pero.xide.
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the chest to the height of the patient is noteworthy.
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also rejected. All the rejected food was an irritant
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rheal diseases under two years of age. There were 3&
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science as before and therefore these practical things in-
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rine Hospital Service for the seven days ending September
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intensely from thirst, but was unable to retain even small
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University. — Through the gift of an endowment fund
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or used to be, a distinct asset after their very earli-
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Bartels (2), Agotte (i), and Rath (8), state that a
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President is Senator Tommaso de Amicis, of Naples, and
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nized that the first expense will fall upon the medi-
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more probable that we have here to do with electric
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White, E. C, Passed Assistant Surgeon. Detached from
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are treatable and not those that have already passed
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slowly it holds the granulating walls apart and pro-
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firmly fixed carcinoma uteri which had confined the
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the phenomenal success of over ninety per cent, of cures In liquor
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mestic (interstate) quarantine; 4, sanitary reports and sta-
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the air ])assages. including the finer branches of the
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dren under five years of age numbered 97, of whom 68
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the joints or members; it arises from the fact that
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times does, occur. It is impossible to take up each
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VVertenbaker, C. p.. Surgeon. Detail to represent the
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13. The Serum Treatment of Dysentery; with Notes on the
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incline to think, influenced the opinions of a vast
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stant. Changes of posture failed to relieve the pain. Then
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Appel, Daniel M., Colonel, Medical Corps, .\fter being
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of Apulia. The town of Trani has up to this time suffered
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contention ; nevertheless, we think they make a mis-
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ological action. Scientific articles on these points
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ly described at fatigue. Janet's explanation, where-
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absence from December 24, 1910, under paragraph 210.
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nose in such a case may be life saving, diminishing
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five minutes, the skin is colored a light and the ar-
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