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a larger number of homoeopathic practitioners than any other

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son of James Albert and Harriet (Whiting) Hayden, J;he latter

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and the gratitude especially of those on whom is imposed

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As one advances in years and experience, it is impossible but

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The pamphlet, as a whole, cannot fail to serve an admirable pur-

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twenty years since he took charge of it has groA-n to be

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cult operations, the most notable one being laparotomy for intus-

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pharyngitis, especially when the food, for want of gastric juice,

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there are multitudes of mothers whose condition cries aloud for the very protection

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Dr. Parish is a busy and successful abdominal surgeon

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manifestly a man to whom the sense of beauty had a deep appeal.

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was interne in the Buffalo General Hospital, and on completing that

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Dr. Hayden comes of an ancient and honorable Colonial family in

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ished as a result of the impoverishment of the blood in respect to its hemo-

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and brain constitutes one of the most mournful pages in the

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and our unknown generous friend was at- once ready to assume

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Among the appliances in medicine, "Ayers's Improved

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with anorexia and suppressed urination, the urine being heavy


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