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nosis but fortunately we have up to the present cured nearly ah
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conduct which is altogether admirable. High ideals are connnendable they
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type of the disease and so offers protection against
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terated bitter ale or even good stout. Where the gastric juice is
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At the close of the academic year in June twelve mem
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guments has excited the attention of physiologists and pathologists.
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the same location and question has arisen as to the value
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upon him and requisites for disinfecting and treating such wounds must
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edition p. I have derived little or no benefit from
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dri nr t entering particularly into the practice of
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for the following variables activity level exercise
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ness when it rested on a particular spot. The apparatus
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ance of the various matters but from a failure to recognise
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alarming symptoms of collapse being apparent such as I had frequently
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the road to success in stock raising is through early
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does not injure the limb it rather aids the cure. If the limb
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of warm boracic acid solution or by simple bathing of
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said physician or hospital copies of all x rays medical rec
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can be applied in its first attack or stage it is estimat
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According to the statistics furnished by the superintend
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began to visit him his mental powers seemed to revive with the
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given to shave the patient even in the preparation for the
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noted but radiated here and there over the whole abdo
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peutic regime should be so directed as to eliminate all possible muscular
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