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the great benefit they have derived from his unselfish efforts in
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has done much good in keeping them straight. All this time my
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form. The physical conditions existing in the tropical zone are
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appeared and the patient had been free from attacks since July when his
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prognosis was uniformly favorable as he had observed
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already weakened by prolonged physical and mental strain with
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ward relations differ as slightly as possible from its normal condition.
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senting no preceding or accompanying symptoms of dis
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slough being fouler than in the milder varieties. As there is a
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ments for thus administered it acts less on the nervous
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ment at the Seamen s Hospital Greenwich the remainder having been
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fodder pulped roots. Wash mouth often with saturated boric acid.
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East Indies. In Parliament voted Dr. Jenner a reward of
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ritf cfud tetfitaxf bi o eolvnee SIROB iol slrfBl.
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as given by the Signal Service. Besides the necessity to
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diagnosis of all the uncomplicated organic diseases
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important sign on auscultation is the accentuated pulmonary second sound.
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two important questions namely what is a sufficient quantity of air for each
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by the climate. I certainly can advise no one who is suffering from
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which costs one thousand two hundred and fifty dollars the second three
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Quebec and Manitoba Guanajuato Quer taro and Zacatecas in one
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transfusion was done in the same patient death speedily fol
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In previous communications evidence was advanced to show that
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have been mounted and laid aside for exchange. The specimens con
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teeth. Several of the most intelligent farmers have distinctly
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carcinoma of the rectum involving the prostate and sarcoma
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Accidental Concealed llicmorrhagt. Dr. Cremen read the report of
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put an end to all this source of mortality is to prevent
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detergent or so called antiseptic purposes which sali
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bility for results in the most conspicuous enterprise of
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sufferer is permitted to remain within the sphere of malarial
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lieve that the quantity of ammonium salts is quite large.
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concise and easily followed. The author inclines to the
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still a portion of the membrane left in the uterus. It seems
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not occasionally resist the temptation of merely tasting new va
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flexly through the gastric division of the vagus. With
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The second shampoo is important for. if omitted dermatitis is much
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deposited or dropped upon the part affected and that gradually
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rule a liquid diet should be adhered to. In addition to furnishing
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the lungs if accompanied with any tendency to fever par
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an expensive and vexatious system of quarantine against
will claritin help with a cold


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