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face. Upon the erythematous area, and in its immediate neighbourhood,
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are pricked they almost completely collapse. Thomas, however, says that
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ness, disturbed sleep, loss of appetite, and anaemia.
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urine, is so acutely developed, as to call into constant action the
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They might indeed almost be seen, in the hollow and attenuated
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vise it. In civil practice it has been claimed that secon-
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but also a certain dexterity of hand to put it in practice.
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fortunately the reader — and to the manufacturers of the lauded pepsin, be stricken out,
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up into the ethmoidal and encroached on the frontal region. I agree with
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this case before us to be one of fibroma, on account of
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1878 b. — Hydatides du cerveau, du coeur et des reins. Arret de developpement
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introduction. The object of the glass was to enable the
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ray Service at the Royal London Ophthalmic Hospital, and
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sufficient accuracy for treatment and clinical instruction, it is of
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mucus, the liver, or other organ, should be first thoroughly dried either by
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our Special Correspondent; but we here more especially
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the number simply from the application of blisters, — '■'■the blisters,^^ in
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a stone while diving into shallow water. He wounded his
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wards disappear. This, however, is not by any means the case
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this faculty that we owe the invention of language. Nature gives us
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and McLean be right, that it is specially useful in cases "of gi'eat
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should be brought to feel that his examinations so far from being a
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two sides touch. When properly made the eye does not
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cause of dyscrasise, and probably not the cause of contin-
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gastric ulcer on a limited milk diet while resting in bed for some time.
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January 2 id: A small abscess opened, through which a probe can be passed in deep
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able to make such determinations on a number of specimens in this
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The latter form is a terrible disease ; patients affected with it preserve
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It is chary of being placed under any extnineous restraint when it has
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viewed critically. Without an understanding of the require-
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.liitv. Nit- .ire pre-eiit in many cases, and fa-ee- in nearly .dl, and what-
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ing held in their own College-hall,) because it originated in a State So-
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mention at present as in keeping with this) on the authority of
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are mechanical ones, and they persist after death, for urine is
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ing a sinking down or dropping of the organ in the abdominal
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B. Arnold, Professor of Clinical Medicine, College of


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