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right and anterior wall of the rectum, in the majority of cases, and is known
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the capacity, that is the interior volume of the lungs, by the de-
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1866.] Transactions of American State Medical Societies. 497
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ward and forward. Where the costal and pulmonary pleura are finnly
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5. The next, or Central Department, shall be devoted to
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the articles of confederation in their annual catalogues, for at least three consecutive years after
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in the size of the affected side, together with a return of the normal app>earance
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joints of two of the fingers of the right hand became affected.
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to offer any original views of my own, or detail my per-
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bring the rectum back into its original position. A space,
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which is peculiar to Typhus fever commonly begins to show itself^
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cases, collectively, of typhus and typhoid fever. In a certain sense this state-
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sides a lancet or bistouri for the incision in the skin, and a glass
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its entirety that we recognize its varying pathological signifi-
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for French demand. It is not easy to obtain a supply
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medicine and having as members 100% of the reputable medical
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and on animals. He proceeds to add that Physicians should
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of air into the pleura does not necessarily create inflammation of
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experts are brought in to furnish contradictory evidence. The
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be somewhat large, a little displaced downwards, and in a markedly
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central school? The time required depends upon the condition of the
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and so richly supplied with nerves as the uterus of a parturient woman. 3d.
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ing monthly periods of the years for which records are available, and
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section, is the extirpation of the body of the uterus and ovaries at the
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fever ; this I suspect however is far from being always the
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two lesser segments also exist at the place of union of the greater.
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woodeny. The area of i>ercussion-hyi)erresonance extends higher above the


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