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been recently studying the subject of ferments, and

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entirely avoid the dangers of the general process ; and I

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be, and are hereby fixed at, forty dollars per annum.

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days — an immense advantage to the patient and his relatives,

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desquamation of scarlet fever are almost certainly due to the toxins

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growing group of men and women engaged in physical educational

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During the early part of its life the larva remains habitually at the sur-

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head, a flattening of the occiput, and pronounced slop-

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pain less marked, vomiting less frequent and persistent, gastric

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make it possible to determine the automaticity or rate of impulse

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in turn gives a weekly demonstration. In this way a

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pleura; numerous tubercular deposits were discovered in the

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fulness, and humanity, highly creditable to all parties concerned."

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with the means now at our command, no os nor cervix will resist proper and persistent

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Casey A. Wood and Thos. A. Woodruff, Chicago (G. P. Engelhard & Co.)

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ed every second or third day if the swelling or inflammation

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cipate all these symptoms, although there is as yet no particular flushing

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