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always the same tale. And I suspect that Mr. Acton has been asleep

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swelling and soreness soon left me, the discharges subsided, the ulcers commenced

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nary hysteria, is treated to the best advantage in our general hospitals,

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(3) Dog, weighing jgl lbs., received at 3 p.m. on the 20th Feb-

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I have said that the disease generally appears during work, and is

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found, the largest the size of a two-shilling piece. Most of the

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Thanks to the admirable organisation of the officials, the untiring

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did not cause reflex action. While I was speaking to him, he closed

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education and social position ; and 2, the number of the Court should

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the tongue was seen to have become separated and lost. The entire

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become organised, contract and compress the lung ; and in this manner

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the tarsus and carpus, and of the whole shaft of long bones, is not less

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Strangers," responded to by Mr. Cook. Altogether, the evening

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Mr. Tiebits and Dr. Brittan — "That any gentleman who has been

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At the end of ten minutes intermittency had disappeared, and all that

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various forms of malady, of ailment, and constitution.

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cartilage. This fragment was removed with the knife, and the base of

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tion were caused by spasms during life, is a matter of inference. Those

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