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to be very modest, and the artist's career was hazardous,
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Francis passed him he stood silent, guarding the portal
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lated blood. The wound traversed the connective tissue in the axillary
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For a long time the trocars used were too large ; complications
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circulars at the beginning of the year from the local Secretaries, are
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who applied to him for relief, by the command (as they
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in strength and beauty whenever the one sex is deprived of the influence
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microscopically, also the occurrence of anasarca, render it probable that
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The grave forms of pharyngitis due to strangles are those in which
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surface of the limb without raising it. Another Newcastle surgeon
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racter, consented to communicate to Lady Flora the nature of the
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on the renal secreting cells without acting on the circulation and
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condition occurs as soon as the blood contains more than 3 grammes
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The diagnosis of mitral insufficiency offers little difficulty in the
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line, and the left aiyepiglottic fold was considerably lengthened.
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tubal murmur was heard during inspiration and expiration. Respira-
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May 6th. She had two-thirds of a grain of morphia injected last
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undermentioned will be happy to receive subscriptions. It is particularly
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suspected. The principal drugs used were iodide of potassium and oil
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Bearing in mind the results already obtained, we have now to con-
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horse show of 1893, where she recei\'ed the first prize for harness
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throu<»h the afternoon. He continued unconscious, and died next day.
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be pestered with dunners, sheriffs, or suits at law.
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catheter. Veiy violent rigors followed the use of the instrument, which
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external wound, as compared either with the magnitude of the part to
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fourth to the sixth day. When the disease develops regularly and
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substance of the lungs, in the lower as vvell as in the upper lobes. On
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heard most loudly over the apex. Being due to reflux of blood from
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77. Horny growth developed on a tuberculous patch on cheek
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animal was brought to the school next morning. There was trifling
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larynx readily heal without pulmonary complications, and that intra-
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May we infer from this that all who suffer from bronchocele in any
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The animal was returned to its box and tied up. During the night
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In three cases we found a form of sarcoma with rounded or oval
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as reason. It translates truth from the abstract state into the form of
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The annual meeting of the above Branch will be held at the York
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in partial necrosis of one or both turbinated bones ; a disease producing
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— in preference to the aggregation of many in the same building. He
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period of a youth's career should, after an educational test in languages
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In acute endocarditis affecting the valves diagnosis becomes possible
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occupy the fortifications which encircle it. The fortifications of Paris
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could be more misleading as to the heart's rhythm than such a diastolic
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the result. Sea-bathing at midsummer and on shallow coasts where
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symptoms or of pathological change, and many of them admirable as
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of bringing the experience acquired in 1 866 to bear upon the eventuality


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